Physicians and Providers

Outpatient Specialists

Syed Abidi, MD Cardiology
Fadi Bdair, MD Gastroenterology
Brandon Bowers, MD
Brian Duncan, MD Orthopedics
Jonathan Dyer, MD
 Dermatology (Ped)
Karen Edison, MD Dermatology (Adult)
David L Ewing, MD Neurology
Mohan Hindupur, MD Cardiology
Timothy Hodges, MD Vascular Surgery
Phillip Hornbostel, MD Bariatric Surgery
Gillian Jones, DO General Surgery and Wound Care
Brian Lahey, MD Psychiatry
Steven Long, MD General Surgery
Carol McIntyre, DO Gynecology
Bradley Moore, MD Urology
Tracy C. Orton, DO ENT
Emily Perry, MD Psychiatry
Nischal Sagar, MD Psychiatry
Arvind Sharma, MD Cardiology
Charles Shuman, MD Psychiatry
Akilis Theoharidis, DPM Podiatry
Junping Yang, MD Endocrinology
Shawn D. Zeltwanger, MD, PhD Anethesia
Sherry Zhou, MD Endocrinology