Patient Visitors

Visiting Hours

Visitors are welcome at Northwest Medical Center and are encouraged to spend time with our patients during their stay and/or recovery.  The hospital has open visiting hours seven days a week.  Patients and visitors are asked to be respectful of other patients and visitors, especially at times when patients are likely sleeping.

Food Service

Visitors are welcome to purchase meals in the hospital’s dining room during the following hours:

Breakfast 6:45am-8:30pm

Lunch 11:30am-1:00pm

Dinner 5:00pm-6:30pm

A complimentary guest tray is available for one parent staying with a pediatric patient under 12 years old.  Also, one complimentary tray per day is provided to one visitor of patients in the swing bed area.  To receive a complimentary meal, please notify a nurse or caregiver in charge of your friend or relative’s care at least one hour prior to the scheduled meal. 

Parents of Pediatric Patients

One parent of a pediatric patient is invited and encouraged to stay overnight with the child. The parent may use a bed or cot at no additional charge.  To make arrangements for an overnight stay with your child, please talk with a nurse.

For infants who are hospitalized, formula and baby food are included in the room charge.  We have a variety of brands to choose from. High chairs are available.  Please talk with your child’s nurse if you have any questions.


Northwest Medical Center, including all clinics, are smoke-free facilities.  No one is permitted to smoke inside or on hospital property outside of the building.  The ban includes smoking inside vehicles on hospital property and applies to all hospital personnel, as well as, patients and visitors.

Chapel/Family Area

The hospital has a small chapel/family area located near the emergency room.  This area is a retreat provided especially for visitors.  This area can also be used as overnight accommodations for a family member or close friend to be near a patient in the emergency room.


Gifts are available from the hospital auxiliary, which has a gift counter in the hospital’s main lobby, as well as, a display next to the cafeteria.  Proceeds from the sale of gifts help finance the auxiliary’s projects, which support the hospital.  To buy a gift, notify a staff member at the nurses’ station or the receptionist at the front desk in the hospital’s main lobby.